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Chasing the Light & Walking with Cameras Project


Chasing the Light and Walking with Cameras is a 4-year project in Exeter that will provide 6, 14-week participatory photography programmes and 64 photo-walks.  This project has been funded by The National Lottery Community Fund's Reaching Communities Programme 


In addition to the photography programmes and photo-walks, there will be 2 participant curated exhibitions and each participant who takes part in participatory photography programmes will curate their own personal photo-book.

Chasing the Light Photography Programmes

Each 14-week photography programme will engage with 20 - 30 participants & each weekly workshop will last for 3 hours, providing each participant with 42 hours of interaction, learning, stimulus, discussion, creativity and empowerment.  Each programme will have its own theme and also includes 3 community/photo-walks, this content is participant led and will be decided by the participant planning team at the planning stage of the project.

Those taking part in participatory photography programmes will engage in inspiring photo-dialogue exercises, which are devised to bring about discussion, teamwork, individual viewpoints and the space and time to develop their own photographic projects.  In addition, they will learn & develop basic camera skills, build a portfolio of images, go on photography trips & community tours, work in a safe environment within small groups and be part of a creative activity. 

Walking with Cameras Photo-walks

The Walking with Cameras programme will provide an alternative means of social interaction and creative community engagement. Participants will be given the opportunity to visit a location for 2, 3 or 4 hours and create their own images or take part in a photographic task.  The locations will be varied and will include local urban areas, country houses, farms, nature reserves, the coastline and the countryside. 

There will be 64 photography trips in total and we aim to have two per month. Each participant will have the opportunity of publishing their best images via Meridian Raw CIC’s Flickr Galleries (internet-based photography albums).  This will enable all the participants taking part in the photo-walks to see and comment on other participants images and help create an ongoing dialogue.


Please visit the first Chasing the Light photographic exhibition (below), which is a collection of images taken by participants who took part in the first three photography programmes in the Meridian Raw CIC’s Chasing the Light Project.

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