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Photograpgh of Receding tide at Dawlish Warren. Kathy Mead..JPG

Photo-voice Online Project


Project Name

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Meridian RAW CIC developed online participatory photography sessions called Photo-voice Online.  They over 20 Photo-voice Online sessions and each workshop engaged with 8 - 12 participants, with 2 workshops per week, where participants presented images from a set photography task. This project was funded by Devon County Council's COVID-19 Prompt Action Fund.


These free online photography sessions were mainly for participants across Devon, but they were open to anyone and were had participants from Australia, Germany and America. 


The photography workshops were designed to help those in the community who are very vulnerable to COVID-19 and were shielding during the pandemic and they also benefited people who were socially isolated and were able to go outside.

At the end of the project we asked participants to select some images for a virtual online exhibition.  So please feel free to walk around our exhibition space and look at some of the work produced.

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