“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression”

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration

of Human Rights


Let’s Explore by participent©DanDavies/Devon Grapevine/Meridian Raw 2014

Surfers by participant Ampar Inglesias/Devon Grapevine/Meridian Raw 2014

Golowen festival  by participant © Jill Ashby/Devon Grapevine/Meridian Raw 2014

Autumn Decay by Jasper/Devon Grapevine/Meridian Raw 2014

We are a community interest company (CIC), that uses photography as an empowerment tool for marginalised communities and socially excluded individuals.

Vision & Mission

To provide a voice for people who are socially excluded and for underprivileged communities, to  aid individuals to share their stories to a wider audience. We use developing empowerment platforms to creative participatory photography techniques.


We custom-build projects and workshops to suit the needs of the participants, offering individual support  to develop their  project using photo-essays, camera skills, editing, captioning images and final presentation.

What we do

Through our guided photography workshops, participants use digital cameras to capture images that highlight personal issues, provide an insight into their community or a chosen topic  and communicate feelings through imagery.


We use participatory photography because it has been used many times to help marginalised communities and the socially excluded by allowing them to create their own photographic projects and portray their own view and stories.