We use photography as an empowerment tool for marginalised communities and socially excluded individuals.

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Custom-build projects and workshops to suit the needs of the participants

Collaborate with other charities, NGOs and community organisations

Provide a platform to highlight the need for social change

Look at how individuals percive their community and the world around them.

Create photo-stories or themes that are personal, self-reflective or that highlight issues that affect them directly or that can affect their community.

Provide training to organisations and individuals who want to deliver their own participatory photography projects to their clients and their communities.

What Participants enjoyed most about the Project (Our live’s)

The chance to get out in the fresh air enjoy other peoples company learn about my local community and the history of the city where I live and most of all the chance to take pictures and to be able to share them with others.
Enjoyed seeing and hearing other people’s views. It was good to get to know other people. In general made me a little less reclusive.
Meeting new people & learning new photography skills and having a laugh with others
It gave me the chance to focus on photography, and allow myself the time to take pictures. This took me out of my comfort zone just enough to feel like I was expanding my creative repertoire.
A growing confidence in myself both in the handling of my camera, using different settings and in sharing myself through my photographs
“I’ve really enjoyed seeing slices of life through other peoples eyes. Learning about people through the medium of photography”
Meeting other people with similar interests and getting ideas for taking photos in a different way
The relaxed approach, the fun and laughter at seeing other peoples work and their personality reflected in their projects

Stats from the last 3 years

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